Well she did ask for a makeover of her Van!

VW Camper in Wood!
Love the Scrollsaw & Love Horses!

So where did the inspiration come from on the Shire Horse? It was one of two asked for and 1 left in my folksy store should you wish to buy for Christmas?

The Wessex Whirligig Build

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Meet “Edweena” The Eagle seen flying in Rossendale!

Two foot Female Eagle

At our “Whirligig Sanctuary” we look after endangered and poorly Whirligigs from all over the UK. Often found neglected and abandoned awaiting good homes that appreciate a two foot long Eagle proudly flying in their garden! Trust me when I say ” It is an excellent conversation starter!”

My first Whirligig “F6 Grumman WW2 Aircraft”

A Whirligig in the making, based around the American WW2 Grumman war plane. So this was taken from a single piece of reclaimed pine and hand carved to the general shape. I have added cockpit detail and pilots seat which will be updated with some more photos later. Obviously its work in progress but thought I would share with those who may have an interest in a little bit of garden art as I like to call it.

Craftywoods Founder & Woodworker Est 1974

If you’re not having fun with what you’re doing then you’re doing it wrong

Finally finished the Hookless Keyring Holder!

Car and Door Key Holder

For something different and quirky, we went with large rare earth magnets capable of holding a bunch of keys without the use of a traditional hook setup!

As you can see from the demonstration, it works well and adds a talking piece to any home or office!

Project No3 – The Fisherman’s Retreat

Uncle Albert! 93 & 4' 11"

This is the Father in-law Booth Bradley, or Known as "Uncle Albert"

Cheeky Chap the old fella! 93 years young and all of 4 foot 11 inches!

Note the vertical houses mounted on crazy hills!

So materials used were, wood, an old cotton tee shirt coloured and modge poged for the sails, Copper nails, galvenised nails, steel wire, paints and many hours!

Tools used to complete this are my trusted scroll saw, Dremel, and sanders

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Thank you for your time, and any help or advice will be freely given. Best David xx

Project No 2 “Bluff Cove”

A project inspired by a memory and visit to the Falkland Islands “Bluff Cove”

Project No 2 “Bluff Cove” A fictitious place based on a memory from a visit to the Falkland Islands, many moons ago now.

So this as can be seen is in its early stages of development with lots to do with it until completion. I like to work under a “free hand” without restriction from my imagination if that makes sense?

This will consist of plenty of small township type houses based on three small islands around the area known as Bluff Cove. Not in the pictures yet but under way is the three foot bridges for transport around the various land masses and of course the compulsory lighthouse!

Whilst it looks a little weird right now, I have been playing around with some 3D type waves which as you can see in pictures are green right now, but will change as it gets completed, but before the tall ships appear!

I will endeavour to update with pictures and any new findings I come up with to make this worthy of gracing someone’s home in the future. xxx

Finally, I have a problem letting go of everything I make, until the good lady moans enough! So yes I have an Etsy Shop the link is above and when the nagging becomes to much I have a purge and sell a few things. Please revisit when you can. xx

No1 “The Salty Seamen” My first of many collectables

This has took a good many hours to complete with great attention to scales and effects from the trees to the water and everything in between.

I could have gone on forever with my first piece but in truth I have around 8 different models I am working on so this will be off to my shop to make room for the rest of the collection.

I have posted a gallery on here to show the detail as best I can. There are over 40 pictures taken to try and capture every angle. Just Click on them to enlarge and see more detail should you wish?

Coastal Cottages!

We have been playing around with some exciting ideas around Coastal Cottages, and will uncover a range of one off hand made cottages for your viewing pleasure.  I will eventually get to sell some when ready.  If you have any memories you may want me to recreate or your names on any houses, please let me know, I would love to add a little bit of you or your history in my work!