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Love from your Animals on Valentines day!

It’s not everybody that is loved up on this commercial day! So for those single people out there, that may have pets, be happy knowing they love you too!

For the forgetful Valentines sifters!

Go on admit it! You sometimes completely forget an anniversary when he/she does not get you something special.

So hang this up in a place he/she will walk passed without saying a word!

After all they say a picture paints a thousand words!

Mr Pineguin!

As a child I loved to complete Jigsaws, helped of course by Grandad who inevitably took over! Now as a Grandad myself, I have turned to making Jigsaws on a small scale and only using reclamation wood where possible.

I know there is a big following for quirky jigsaws in general.

The dimensions are; Top to foot is 200mm
Width is 90mm at the feet
Approximate thickness of Mr Pineguin is around 16mm

Mr Pineguin had been treated with organic mineral oil to protect the wood.

Having stated the above, this is not a toy and not suitable for children given the choking hazard potential.

I would give this a easy rating for “complication” to put together!

Any further questions, please ask away.


Rick chic vintage earrings in English walnut

Some 1920’s walnut from a scrapped table was given a little lease of life in the form of some earings for a dear friend. Hope she liked them. x

Well she did ask for a makeover of her Van!

VW Camper in Wood!
Love the Scrollsaw & Love Horses!

So where did the inspiration come from on the Shire Horse? It was one of two asked for and 1 left in my folksy store should you wish to buy for Christmas?