Summer 2019! – New Garden Project?

Alice in her wonderland, well fits perfectly with me and my mad hatter approach!

A big lover of garden art, sees this year with a few changes to the garden around the back. The good lady has talked about replacing the two metal gates to the sides of the house with a theme something around the Alice in Wonderland style. So planters like the giant tea pot are abreast from ext grade 18mm plywood will fit the bill for many years to come. I varnish every year and have garden art approaching 6 years out in all the seasons elements without and noticeable decay of the wood. So and I often forget to post, but will put some images of the wooden gates complete with silhouette inserts and DC led lighting to highlight.

A Letter to a friend!

Trying something different for my growing custom concrete letter collection! So from design stage in a custom font, to the scroll saw where I began the task of cutting all 26 letters,  to making a master template in 18mm thick plywood with a height of 3 inch or 75mm in new money!

As for the detail, the trusted Dremel came into its own with individual carving for each piece to a depth of approx 5mm but various to give undulation and create the “crazy paving” effect i wanted.

My pet hate followed next, sanding! 180 down to 1000 grit gave a polished feel to my fat fingers at least. 

Hot glued down onto a sheet of 10mm perspex I use, surrounding all the letters with a 23mm deep  wall to hold all the RTV in place.

Several coats of varnish to seal the wood were applied with light 1000 grit rubdowns in between, really does give a mirror finish but keeps the detail!

Happy with results, the next stage of bath pour the RTV rubber to make the master mould. 

All done, test casting done and painted. Totes happy!

It's Just crazy paving letters!

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Having spent a great deal of time in sales and marketing for others, in a long working career, I feel its time to do something for me and related to a lifelong passion of working with wood which started back in 1974 for me in secondary school, the journey begins!