Coastal Cottages!

We have been playing around with some exciting ideas around Coastal Cottages, and will uncover a range of one off hand made cottages for your viewing pleasure.  I will eventually get to sell some when ready.  If you have any memories you may want me to recreate or your names on any houses, please let me know, I would love to add a little bit of you or your history in my work! 

The Importance of getting The right builder in!

So dwelling No 2 underway now with a recessed doorway and high pitched roof cut. Just waiting for the roofer to turn up and put the roof on!

Well the nice man said it will last a lifetime?

I will cut the roof flush soon and stain for that antique look prior to altering the chimney breast area!

Clearly lots to be added to this and will update as we go along. only tonight I was playing around having scroll sawed a spiral staircase from a dog food can, so will add that when finished! It you want your name on any building let me know and I will add it freely “a little bit of history” xxx

Not sure why, but a Public Toilet arose in my mind when designing this piece! Great fun, but think I need help! xx

Not sure what goes through a n Artist’s mind when you see a lump of wood and what shall I do moment? Anyways this cheeky number is a old style “Karzee” or Public Toilets for the younger crafters out there. I utilised a nail bent several times to create the gas lamp effect and some vintage signage. I will add to this article later as I have just finished the corner seating area complete with waste bin to go between the seating.

Tools used for this was my trusted scroll saw, various alcohol stains, nail and some transfers printed to a rough scale around 1/35 

Been round to MFI today and bought some dodgy furniture for my Public Toilet!  Note sure if I should leave the middle bit as a bin for trash/litter or put some coloured epoxy in it and plant a faux tree for effect? whats your thoughts my fellow crazy gang?

Grandad’s French Letters! Oh La La…

Making your own Concrete Letters!

Not one for waiting around to find out nobody is making the concrete letters in a font and size I require, I decided to make my own range.

So on the computer, find said font required, resize in an art package, print each letter off in a suitable size required.

Next was to mount said drawings templates onto a good quality and thick hardwood for the Scroll saw. 

All 26 letters then mounted and the cutting begins.

Post cutting, was then the sanding, which I use a Dremel for this and then copious amounts of sanding (hate sanding!) before applying a few coated of good grade varnish to seal the wood form any penetration.

So it’s onto the base box in this case some plastic containers and glued down the bottom edges with a glue gun before the process of latex layers. There will be around 30 coats before being happy enough to pull the mould off the plug.

Good amount of satisfaction making your own letters and there are hundreds of variations with the finishes… Give it a go!