My first Whirligig “F6 Grumman WW2 Aircraft”

A Whirligig in the making, based around the American WW2 Grumman war plane. So this was taken from a single piece of reclaimed pine and hand carved to the general shape. I have added cockpit detail and pilots seat which will be updated with some more photos later. Obviously its work in progress but thought I would share with those who may have an interest in a little bit of garden art as I like to call it.

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Finally finished the Hookless Keyring Holder!

Car and Door Key Holder

For something different and quirky, we went with large rare earth magnets capable of holding a bunch of keys without the use of a traditional hook setup!

As you can see from the demonstration, it works well and adds a talking piece to any home or office!

Project No3 – The Fisherman’s Retreat

Uncle Albert! 93 & 4' 11"

This is the Father in-law Booth Bradley, or Known as "Uncle Albert"

Cheeky Chap the old fella! 93 years young and all of 4 foot 11 inches!

Note the vertical houses mounted on crazy hills!

So materials used were, wood, an old cotton tee shirt coloured and modge poged for the sails, Copper nails, galvenised nails, steel wire, paints and many hours!

Tools used to complete this are my trusted scroll saw, Dremel, and sanders

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Thank you for your time, and any help or advice will be freely given. Best David xx