Project No 2 “Bluff Cove”

A project inspired by a memory and visit to the Falkland Islands “Bluff Cove”

Project No 2 “Bluff Cove” A fictitious place based on a memory from a visit to the Falkland Islands, many moons ago now.

So this as can be seen is in its early stages of development with lots to do with it until completion. I like to work under a “free hand” without restriction from my imagination if that makes sense?

This will consist of plenty of small township type houses based on three small islands around the area known as Bluff Cove. Not in the pictures yet but under way is the three foot bridges for transport around the various land masses and of course the compulsory lighthouse!

Whilst it looks a little weird right now, I have been playing around with some 3D type waves which as you can see in pictures are green right now, but will change as it gets completed, but before the tall ships appear!

I will endeavour to update with pictures and any new findings I come up with to make this worthy of gracing someone’s home in the future. xxx

Finally, I have a problem letting go of everything I make, until the good lady moans enough! So yes I have an Etsy Shop the link is above and when the nagging becomes to much I have a purge and sell a few things. Please revisit when you can. xx